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altFrom 2000 to last year' Class of 2016, below you will find our graduates from each year's class. Names highlighted in red indicate classmates we are still looking for contact information from. If your information is needed or if you can assist us in getting information on our missing Eagles family, please email our Alumni Office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We are also in need of alumni to serve as representatives for each class, helping us to gather all contact information and encourage classmates to attend events. If you would be willing to serve as a representative on our Alumni Committee, please contact our Alumni Office at the email address above.


Class of 2016: Hanna Bannister, Marley Bowers, Andrea Getz, John Kesler, Brianna Kinard, Dylan Mackeben, Haley Mauldin, Christina Joy Meakim, Josh Sawyer & Christian Tobias


Class of 2015: Jackeline Benitez, Luke Carraway, C.J. Connelly, Carman Franklin, Rachel Franklin, Tyler French, Warapan Parewa Kamonwat, Colton Larson, Emma Lindsay, Ashley McJunkins, Emily Senn, Dylan Skipper & Brooke Waldrop


Class of 2014: Frankie Alvarez, Sean Blanton, Amber Boatwright, Rachel Buzhardt, Amanda Crayne, Jacob Epting, Harley Johnson, Kirsty Marr, William Mature, Ansley McJunkins, Kaitlyn Nobles, Daniel Shuler, Ryan Smith & Justin Suber   


Class of 2013: Jake Buzhardt, Charlotte Carulli, Alex Cole, Marie Ramsey & Aaron Stockman


Class of 2012: Austin Bartley, Matt Bell, Ashley Chaffee, Jessica Cole, Chelsea Ellisor, Charles McJunkins, Telina Morris, Drew Pirie, Derek Sligh & Rebekah Smith


Class of 2011: Brandy Blanton, Kody Brown, Emily Cunningham, Landyn Engen, Noel Franklin, Sabrina Hacker, Alicia Horne, Dillon Mann, David Lelen McCullough, Edward Ramsey, Angelina Thompson, Sara Williams & Ben Wilson


Class of 2010: Mollie Connelly, Ashley Dominick, Kimberly Evans, Alli Graham, Bill Kinard, Marina Miller, Lacie Sanders, Alli Sligh, Jacqueline Strowd & Jessica Thompson


Class of 2009: Caroline Altman, Haley Bishop, Heather Bolick, Christen Chapman, Heather Cheek, Kemper Denis, Erika Deskins, Amber Etinger, Samantha Evans, Aubrey Harris, B.J. Manis, Matthew McClure, Michael McClure, Stacy Moates, Jacob Mundy, Adam Roberts, Carey Sligh & Caitlin Stockman


Class of 2008: Christopher Bradley, Rachel Cook, Faith Franklin, Evan Goldman, Ross Neel, Christine Riddle, Allison Shaw, Billye Shirey, Christopher Smith, Houston Waites, Matthew West & Emily Wilson


Class of 2007: John Altman, Ashton Bartley, Rebecca Carter, Austin Longshore, Brittney Neal, Collin Shealy & Cayce Shirey


Class of 2006: Brittany Cheek, Abby Counts, Blake Farmer, Brittany Graham, Victoria Griffin, Shane Hacker, Abby Kesler, Garrett Malcom, Brittany Matthews, Meghan Perry, Brynna Rinehart, Joey Taylor & Mary Frances Whitaker


Class of 2005: Jessica Branton, Dustin Brown, Vali Johnson, Lane Kennedy, Jeff Mills, Ryan Neel, Beth Ramsey, Tabitha Shaw, Elizabeth Smith & Patrick Wilson


Class of 2004: Sarah Bishop, Anna Bolick, Chris Counts, David Cunningham, Dusty Graham, Vali Johnson, Melynda Kesler, Kayla Koon, Amy Long, Kristina Long, Caroline Ogburn, Ashton Primm, Amy Ruple, Hayley Senn, Kimberly Smith, Danielle Stuck, Amy Sugibayashi & Nikki Taylor


Class of 2003: Maria Baker, Joe Cash, Rita Cockrell, Andrew Connelly, Heather Farmer, Kristy Goff, John Green, Barry Kesler, James Mann, Jimmie Lee Shaw, Jessica Taylor & Rebecca Williams


Class of 2002: Linda Barron, Kristina Bradley, Justin Branton, Maggie Connelly, Shannon Dale, Caroline Hipp, J.D. Lake,  Elizabeth Rinehart, Blake Rogers, Christopher Smith & Jimmy Wiseman


Class of 2001: Carrie Cromer, Jamie Hoffman, Daniel Moore, Scott Neel, Josh Ruff, Susan Satterwhite, Jeremy Senn, Amy Shaw & Andy Warren


Class of 2000: Nate Beard, Andrew Bedenbaugh, Heather Behringer, Laura Cunningham, Bobby Icard, Robert Kennedy, Jessica Lake, Mark McEntire, Steve Satterwhite, Rene Sligh, Josh Sugibayashi & Trey Willingham

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