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4th & 5th Grade Get a Zoo CSI Lesson! PDF Print E-mail


This Thursday, Newberry Academy's 4th & 5th Grade classes visited Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia and got to participate in an exciting "CSI Animal Investigators" class at the zoo's Discovery Center. Afterwards, they took part in a zoo-wide scavenger hunt, letting them explore all the wonderful animals and activities at Riverbanks. The class even surprised teacher Jaymi Wilbanks with a birthday party during their picnic lunch. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful day!

Relay for Life 2017 PDF Print E-mail

A big thank you to all of our Newberry Academy families and friend who participated in "Relay for Life" on Saturday, May 13th at Newberry College. We were proud to be a part of such a great event and such a worthy cause!


Newberry Academy Students Experience Head of School for the Day PDF Print E-mail

Being the Head of an independent school just might be a little harder than one might think. Josh and Allison Joyner, a 5th and 7th Grader at Newberry Academy, learned this firsthand when they took to the halls on Wednesday, May 15th as the official Heads of School. Their family was the winning bidder on this year's special "Head of School for the Day" experience, which was up for auction at the Academy's Blue & Gray Gala. Our Head of School worked with colleagues to arrange a day that would not only be fun, but would give the students a real understanding of what this leadership role truly entailed.

"What students don't realize that there is so much more to running a school,"

"Whether I'm observing classrooms, meeting with prospective families or even fixing a leaky toilet, there is never a moment where I am not busy doing something to help our school."

Josh and Allison began their day by reading the announcements at the weekly all-school morning meeting, followed by announcing a special "Executive Order" that they would be making for the day: students in both of their respective classes would receive the entire afternoon off of class to enjoy extra recess and computer time, along with a surprise ice cream party in the school cafeteria. Once the meeting was over, the two students were whisked away to conduct classroom evaluations in several Lower, Middle and High School classes, followed by a special live on-air interview with Jimmie Coggins of WKDK Radio. Josh and Allison then assisted the school's Food Coordinator with serving students at the morning biscuit break before heading down to the Academy's Preschool, where they got to check in on the activities going on with the 2K-5K classes. After enjoying a special private lunch from US Deli & Wings with two of each of their friends, Josh and Allison were led through a series of meetings with various school officials - from the Chairman of the Board of Directors to the Athletic Director to the Dean of Students - where they learned how each of these roles impact the day-to-day operations of the school. Through it all, the student Heads had to balance their daily responsibilities with the unexpected moments that inevitably come with the position, such as answering a phone call from a prospective parent interested in enrolling for the upcoming year and helping to fix that leaky toilet in the boy's bathroom.

After enjoying ice cream with their fellow classmates, Josh and Allison were presented with framed copies of their official Executive Order, along with a special gift bag of Newberry Academy goodies. As their final act as Heads of School, they read the afternoon announcements over the school-wide intercom, taking a moment to thank all of their fellow students for a wonderful day.

"Josh and Allison are not only great students, but really great young people as well,"

"I was so proud of how hard they worked today and the professionalism they showed in everything they did. I have a feeling leadership just might be in their futures."



Newberry Academy Students Get a Hands On Lesson in Sound PDF Print E-mail


Students from Newberry Academy's 2nd and 4th Grade Classes were treated to a special hands-on lesson to conclude their unit in "Sounds and Study of the Ear", when they attended a field trip to Seven Oaks Park in Columbia. The classes, led by teachers Jaymi Wilbanks & Belinda Pruett, had the opportunity to explore the park's special musical playground activities, where they learned how the ear hears different instrument sounds. Afterwards, the classes practiced good manners and proper etiquette while dining at Olive Garden!

And the Winner Is..... PDF Print E-mail


Congratulations to Kathryn Wilbanks, who was crowned Miss Newberry Academy 2017. All of the girls did an outstanding job in this year's pageant and looked beautiful!

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