Frequently Asked Questions
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Why Does My Participation Matter?

This year, Newbery Academy is depending on your contributions in order to:

  • Support teacher salaries and professional development, helping to retain top teachers and strengthen their teaching practice
  • Provide an enriching academic program and individual attention to all of our students
  • Maintain the facilities and technologyon campus to provide an excellent learning environment
  • Fund extra-curricular activities, valuable programs in which students learn skills ranging from public speaking and leadership to problem solving and team building

Your participation in the Annual Giving Campaign supports all of this and more.


I Already Pay Tuition. Why Should I Give More?

Tuition covers only a portion of the cost of a Newberry Academy education. Gifts to the Annual Giving Campaign help us to provide the excellence that parents expect of the Newberry Academy experience. A gift to the Annual Giving Campaign is tax-deductible while tuition is not.

Most importantly, Newberry Academy is worthy of your philanthropy.

Traditionally, current parents are the biggest supporters of independent schools and Newberry Academy is no exception. Before making gifts of their own, corporations and grant-making foundations look at parent participation rates to determine commitment to the institution. High levels of Annual Giving parent participation are an indication of happy parents who are satisfied with the quality of their child’s education.

During the time your child is a student at Newberry Academy, we ask you to make our school your number one charitable priority.


How Much Should I Give?

Only your family can decide how much to give. Gifts to the Annual Giving Campaign range from $149 to $1,500 and up. Please consult the Levels of Giving and talk with your family to determine a comfortable gift level for you.

Our primary goal is to have 100% parent participation, regardless of gift amount. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. Remember, all gifts are tax-deductible.


Why Not Set Tuition High Enough to Cover Expenses?

We want to make a Newberry Academy education available to as many individuals as possible; higher tuition can and will keep some families from enrolling their children. Community members are asked to give as much to the Annual Giving Campaign as they are able; those who can give more are encouraged to take a leadership role.


When Should I Give?

The Annual Giving Campaign runs from September to April of every school year. A gift is welcomed and appreciated at any time during this period. Since the success of the Annual Giving Campaign factors into the decision about future tuition increases, we appreciate gifts made as early as possible.


I Still Have Questions. Who Do I Call?

Contact Newberry Academy’s Main Office by phone at (803) 276-2760.


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