Newberry Academy has an extremely competitive basketball program, hosting both a Men's and Women's Team. The Academy begins offering basketball as an intramural sport in grades K-4 through 7th Grade, at which point students can begin participating in the Boys & Girls Middle School teams. Both the Varsity Men's and Women's teams have gone on to compete in in the State Tournament competition for the past several years.

Newberry Academy 2017-18 Basketball Schedule PDF Print E-mail

Newberry Academy's 2017-18 basketball teams consist of a Middle School Girls, Middle School Boys, Varsity Girls and Varsity Boys Teams.

Date Opponent Location Time Teams
November 17th Spartanburg Christian AWAY 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VG/VB
November 20th Greenwood Christian HOME 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VG/VB
November 21st Oakbrook HOME 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VG/VB
November 27th Greenwood Christian AWAY 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VG/VB
November 28th Shannon Forest AWAY 4:00pm JVB/VG/VB
December 1st Whitmire HOME 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VG/VB
December 5th Wardlaw AWAY 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VG/VB
December 8th Laurens AWAY 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VG/VB
December 9th South Aiken HOME 3:00pm VB
December 9th Cambridge HOME 2:00pm JVB
December 15th - 18th Sonic Shootout Tournament TBA TBA TBA
December 19th - 20th Richard Winn Tournament TBA TBA TBA
January 5th Cambridge HOME 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VG
January 5th Palmetto Christian HOME 7:30pm VB
January 9th King AWAY 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VG/VB
January 10th Whitmire AWAY 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VG/VB
January 12th Richard Winn HOME 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VG/VB
January 16th Anderson Christian AWAY 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VB
January 19th King HOME 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VG/VB
January 22nd Cambridge AWAY 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VG
January 22nd Palmetto Christian AWAY 7:30pm VB
January 23rd Covenant AWAY 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VG/VB
January 25th Anderson HOME 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VB
January 26th Day Springs Newberry College TBA VB
January 30th Richard Winn AWAY 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VG/VB
February 2nd Laurens HOME 4:00pm MSG/MSB/VG/VB
February 3rd First Round of Middle School Tournament Cambridge TBA TBA
February 6th First Round of Varsity Tournament Richard Winn TBA TBA
February 9th-10th Semi-Finals/Finals Greenwood Christian TBA TBA

We hope you all will come out and support our Eagles Basketball teams in another great season!


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