Lower & Middle School

When a student begins their journey in Newberry Academy’s Lower School, parents watch as their child, who has been fascinated by puzzles and crayons, begins to now play with the building blocks of learning, exploring the fundamental concepts of language, math, art, science and technology. This is an exhilarating experience for a young child and a solid first step towards a lifelong journey of learning.

Our experienced teachers in grades First through Eighth strive to give every student a strong academic foundation for future success. Reading, a significant contributing factor in creating life-long learners, has always been a top priority in every classroom.  Children in our Lower School learn in environment where there is a high expectation for mutual respect for each other, where teachers work together to recognize and celebrate the talents and efforts of each and every student. Outside every grade-level classroom, students participate in art, music, and physical education and have the opportunity to attend curriculum-related field trips to enrich their learning experience.

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