After School Program

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Newberry Academy offers an after-school program for grades 3K to 4th Grade, which allows students to stay at the Kindergarten until 5:20pm. This program is helpful to parents who work during these hours or for those who would prefer to pick up their Preschool or Kindergarten student when picking up their older student at 2:40pm. The after-school program offers children a wonderful environment to learn and socialize: students have more time to play outdoors with their friends (weather permitting) and teachers will utilize this time to work with students one-on-one to assist with any skills with which they may need some additional assistance. For parents who would like their child to rest/nap, an hour of rest time is allotted after lunch.

The After-School Program is divided into two separate programs. The Late Stay Program allows for a Preschool or Kindergarten child to stay from 12:00pm until 2:40pm, which is the Academy’s Lower & Upper School dismissal time. The Late-Late Stay Program allows all students in grades Preschool through 4th Grade to stay from 2:40pm until 5:20pm. Late Stay is a monthly fee, while Late-Late Stay fees are due weekly. Monthly advance payments for both programs are appreciated.

For more information on each program and their specific fees, please contact our Kindergarten Director at (803) 276-1999


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