5K Kindergarten Program

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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Our 5K program is focused on preparing our young learners for their upcoming journey into our Lower School, a truly exciting transition time in a young child’s life. We promote an enthusiasm for learning and our students engage in a number of activities both in and outside the classroom to help reinforce academic lessons learned throughout the year.

The 5K curriculum focuses on increasing important math, language and reading skills. altStudents spend time learning to write letters, practice sounds and identify new sight words. Numbers take on new meaning as students learn to count by fives and tens and begin to perform basic addition and subtraction. Learning through hands-on activities and weekly themes help develop our students’ problem-solving skills and help to make them more independent thinkers. Students have the opportunity to participate in athletics during PE class and enjoy developing their artistic abilities through music and art. Lessons are often taken outside the classroom, as the 5K class has opportunities for a variety of educational field trips throughout the year.

Learning in the 5K Classroom:

Students learn a variety of important skills during the school year, some of which include:

  • Recognizing/Reading sight words introduced
  • Writing simple sentences and stories
  • Understanding punctuation
  • Counting to 100
  • Understanding graphs and fractions
  • Performing basic addition and subtraction to 10
  • Identifying and counting coins
  • Orders days of the week and months/seasons
  • Learning about the five senses
  • Understanding of the world and continents

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